Adam Then (full length)
Six British and American friends converge on a vacation house in the South of France for a week’s holiday, but the house and the friends are haunted past romances and ongoing betrayals, and what began as a relaxing escape becomes a tense showdown between the haves and have-nots in this sexy_guy_poolsexy, funny play about forgiveness, grace and gratitude in a chaotic world.

Honors and Recognition: semi-finalist, 2015 Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference.
Production/Development History: developmental reading at The Drama League Studio, sponsored by Theatre Resources Unlimited, directed by John Michael DiResta.
Cast Size: 5 men, 2 women
Download perusal copy* here: Adam Then

Jasper (full length)
Lee’s dog Jasper was old, but when it appears his asexual furry life partner Melinda may jaspersignthumbhave hastened Jasper’s death, Lee turns to his estranged family for comfort. But is Lee’s grief about the loss of a pet, or does the true source of his pain lie in the past, buried deep in the red dirt of his rural southern home? A young Southern man braves fire, ice storms, and the Walmart parking lot to find the answers he seeks.

Honors and Recognition: Semi-Finalist, 2016 Bay Area Playwrights Festival.
Production/Development History: Readings: Crashbox Theater NYC directed by Eddie Prunoske; NYU/Tisch MFA Thesis directed by Stella Powell-Jones; workshop reading at Playground @ The Old Globe.

Cast Size: 3 men, 2 women
Download perusal copy* here: Jasper

The Jesus Fund (full length)
On the verge of financial collapse, the venerable, progressive New Theological Seminary in New York City is targeted for a hostile takeover by the son of a famous right-wing televangelist.

jesusposterProduction History: Premiered January, 2014 at Burning Coal Theatre Co. Raleigh, NC, directed by Beth Gardiner. “Milner makes the audience care for the characters and finds natural humor in the fraught situations.…gripping and moving.” – Raleigh News & Observer

Cast Size: 4 men, 1 woman, 1 gender non-specific
Download perusal copy* here: The Jesus Fund


Joe McCarthy and John Dornellas in Nothing is Free. Collective:10 Play Festival NYC 2014.

Nothing is Free (10-minute)

Locked inside the world’s tallest building, Lenny and Hennie must maintain a twenty-four-hour watch on a mysterious video screen, or face the devastating consequences.

Production History: Official Selection, 2014 Collective:10 Festival, Paradise Factory, New York, directed by Rebecca Brillhart. Published in the anthology Collective: 10, volume 2.

Cast Size: 2 men or 2 women
Download perusal copy* here: Nothing is Free

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